Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mad Angel + Machines = Bad Idea

Trying not to get too discouraged, but it appears that there is something wrong with my brand-new, used for the first time today, Tascam DP-0008. Monitoring what I'm trying to record works intermittently. It'll be great for about 5 minutes, then all sound in my headphones stops dead and cannot be resurrected for love or money. Hubby got it going briefly, and then it died on him, too.

The reviews for this thing said it was "moron proof," so I figured it would be the perfect machine for me.

It is not turning out to be so. I hope it's just a defective unit I can have replaced, and not "operator error."

I am mucho pissed off right now. There are no software or firmware updates at the Tascam website.


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