Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review/Synopsis for Grant Hart's "The Argument"

This is Grant Hart, and since this image has been appearing all over the web, as well as on the back of the album cover, I hope it's OK to share it here, even though I do not personally own it, or the rights to it. I'll switch it out in favor of one I do own, if anyone happens to insist.

Grant's album, "The Argument," is finally out, and it is splendid. My review/synopsis may be found here, on my official writing blog. It's published under my nom de plume, but do not be fooled. It's still me.

It is my hope that my article may pique further interest in this wonderful work of art -- for yes, it is that. A work of art. A masterpiece. Please get it if you're inclined. It's truly amazing, what this man has accomplished in a mere four years' time.

I stand in awe.