Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So, in my never-ending quest to be healthy / less fat, I decided, after first lecturing my dear friend to eat well, take vitamins, and keep up his health, to start taking a daily vitamin myself. How can I expect my friend to follow a regimen if I don't follow one myself, right?

I had been feeling run-down and tired a lot of the time, and coffee wasn't providing its usual kick in the arse anymore, so I went to the local pharmacy and browsed the vitamin aisle.

One-a-Day Energy formula! Wow! That sounded like the one for me, so I bought it. Two whole bottles, and I commenced taking, well, one a day.

Hey, this stuff really works! Or so I concluded after a couple of days. What on earth do they put in it to make it so effective?

I should have read the label before buying. The "energy" boost comes from a whopping hit of caffeine. 90 mg of it, to be exact. Suffice it to say, I no longer "need" 3 large cups of coffee to keep me going in the morning. I have one now, and then switch to my old favorite herbal tea, Red Zinger.

I love the taste of Red Zinger, and always will. And the best thing about it? When it starts to get cold, I can -- and do -- still drink it. Cold coffee makes me gag. I will never understand why some people love iced coffee. Just the thought -- ! Ugh.

Now, if only these vitamins would give me enough "energy" to make me want to exercise...

And now, back to my regularly scheduled knitting!

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