Friday, February 25, 2011


What was I thinking?

Well, in pursuit of being healthier (me) and being kinder to pigs (hubby) I bought, on a whim, a package of Tofurky Beer Brats at a local co-op. (We're on vacation at the moment, in a place where there actually is a local co-op.)

The jury is still out as to whether we like these things or not. The spicing is interesting and tasty, and the label says that Real Beer from a microbrewery is one of the ingredients, but...

The only thing about it that says bratwurst is the label on the package, and the shape of the things.

We have two more to consume before deciding yea or nay.

Perhaps eating one alongside a helping of barley, farro, and sauteed veggie salad was a bit too much of a couple of good things. I am so stuffed right now, I don't feel much like I want to eat again for maybe...oh...six months or so. Too bad I cannot hibernate as bears do.

Have gotten a lot of knitting done and am nearly finished with the me-sized prototype of the sweater I am in the process of designing for Grant. So far, so good, after a few serious mistakes back in late January necessitated ripping the whole thing back down to the waistband and doing some re-calculating. It looks pretty good now, but I've tried two different neckline styles, and both were epic failures. Maybe the third time will be the charm. I'll know in a few days, I guess, and if all goes well this time, I'll soon be starting Grant's. It won't be done in time for his next tour, but maybe by the next time he comes through Boston. The weather will probably be far too warm for sweaters at that point, but I can have him try it on, anyway, and see if the fit is good. If not...copious notes will be made and measurements taken, and I will simply go back to the proverbial drawing board. I don't mind, one way or another. Knitting for my friend is an honor, and a labor of love.

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