Monday, August 27, 2012

New Fun Stuff!

I have some really cool new spinning fibers in the shop now. Mostly, they are (non-superwash) Merino and firestar combos, so nothing terribly unusual about the fiber content, but the colors are a whole 'nother story!

I spent part of the weekend spindle-spinning samples of the Sultan's Treasures. They really are pretty, and a dream to spin! I think I need to try and dye some more of these, since the Amethyst and Ruby colors sold out completely within a day or two of being listed! I still have plenty of Blue Tourmaline and Emerald, but this was a very small run. While I will be able to approximate the colors in future, I will never be able to duplicate them exactly. So if you like them, don't wait! When these are gone, they're gone.

The Sultan's Treasures -- Blue Tourmaline --
Kettle dyed Merino & firestar

The Sultan's Treasures -- Emerald --
Kettle dyed Merino & firestar 

Khadijah 2 -- Merino & dyed firestar

The Seventh Veil 2 -- Merino & dyed firestar

Walk on the Wild Side -- Merino, "mystery wool," & firestar

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