Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It has been a long, long day, but it looks like everything has turned out fine for hubby. Doc says he found no unpleasant surprises, and is pretty sure he got everything that needed to go. Pathology report should confirm this for sure. Not sure how long it will take them fully analyze that pesky prostate, but maybe by the time we go in for the follow-up appointment next week?

Hubby is sore and tired, and me, I'm dead exhausted but still a little too wound up to sleep just yet.

I knitted like a fiend for hours today, and am nearly up to the underarms on Grant's "Europa" sweater. Funny thing, but I had hoped to camp out alone in a corner of the waiting room, eat my lunch, knit, and listen to music. After an hour or so, though, some ladies came and sat with me and asked all sorts of questions about what I was doing. They wanted to pass my finished sweater around and feel it and look it over. Then, while they were at it, I handed around my Quincy hat -- the one I made from the beautiful yarn Grant bought me in Serbia last year -- and I told the story about the yarn, and how I thought it was probably hand-spun, and what a wonderful surprise it was to find it in my mailbox last May.

Since I chopped my hair as short as I did last week, I have really been appreciating that hat! It pulls all the way down to cover my ears, which get very cold very fast, now that there's no hair to keep them warm. The hat is perfect for keeping them toasty until Spring is really in the air. (Last Monday's temps were a mere fake-out.)

O, I think I should try to get some sleep now...

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