Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Was Time...

I was thoroughly sick of my hair, and there was more than a foretaste of Spring in the air yesterday. Too many curls and weird hat hair as a result of letting my hair grow out since November.
"Between 1/2 and 1/4 inch," I told the stylist, "and I'm serious."
Usually, they don't listen, and I emerge from the salon with my hair much longer than I wanted.
Not today.
Not only had I been displeased with the way my hair was behaving, but I felt as if, symbolically, cutting away as much as possible would free me of a lot of the stresses I have been carrying in my head since mid-November. A lot of stresses and emotional trauma. I am more than ready to emerge re-born.

I am also more than ready to kick Ol' Man Winter out of my life for another year. (I realize that's a little unrealistic. But to be free of him until, oh, let's say, next December, would be awfully nice.)

Now, it would be nice to have a little supper, enjoy the rest of Malcolm's show, knit a bit, and then play guitar for awhile. Can't wait to sink my teeth into "Dancing Barefoot" again!

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Anonymous said...

lovely to see that smile again! Hurray Spring. su