Friday, January 25, 2013


So, I opened this Soundcloud account awhile back, mainly so I could follow what my friend, Tim Holehouse, is up to. It never occurred to me until fairly recently that I could post my own stuff and share it. For a long time, I had just one song, Seasons, which is an original song I wrote back in October.

Today, I made up for lost time and recorded a bunch of stuff, covers AND originals, just for a lark.

One of these, The Improbable Medley, would have been the centerpiece of my set at Pizzeria Uno, if it had ever materialized. The guy who invited me to come and play doesn't even work there anymore, so it's doubtful that I will have a public performance any time soon. This does not stop me from wanting to play and sing, and my various Tascam units are ready, willing, and able to assist me in getting my recordings done and out there for friends to enjoy.

I still have a couple of songs to edit and finalize, but I think I've done enough listening to myself for today.

If you decide to listen to any or all of it, thanks, and I hope you dig it.

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