Saturday, May 19, 2012

Re My Long Absence

It has been hard to even think of anything to say here lately. So much has been happening that I don't even want to get into here, so I won't, except to say that it has been a total whirlwind since mid-February. During the weeks since then, my mother-in-law died, and my own mother finally lost her mind far enough to be placed in the nursing home. There are some health issues with my younger daughter, too, that have really sapped my energy and left me with little free time. At least the dust is finally settling -- or so it seems -- and I am turning my thoughts back to creating new stuff to put in my shop. I have also gotten back to contributing to the Phat Fiber sampler box.

The detail below is from my Delphic Oracle Scarf. 50 lucky people who happen to score Phat Fiber boxes over this weekend will receive a copy of the pattern, and just in case any of those 50 people feels inclined to knit the scarf, I custom-dyed some nice wool yarn to go with it. There are 7 skeins available, each containing 300 yards, which is a bit more than enough to knit the scarf if the pattern is knitted exactly as written.

I just washed the square and pinned it out, so the Bee depicted shows up better. I'm not usually into gold/yellow-orange, but I really love the way this yarn came out, and I like the way it works with the motif.
Business has been terribly slow, so I am contemplating a return to the work force at some point in the not-too-distant future. Where will I go? What will I do? Frankly, my dear, NOT into Retail, if I can possibly avoid it. Whatever I end up doing would, ideally, see me Making Something, and my boss would not turn out to be a psychopath.

Hmmm...I might be asking for too much...

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