Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's Nothing Like Music... comfort an aching soul. Grant's music kept me sane while I filled out that nursing home application last night, and enabled me to shed a few needed tears. "She Can See the Angels Coming." "Flexible Flyer." "Signed DC." The worst of the pain and sorrow flowed away with those tears.

Today was easier, though I'm still very glad I stuck to my guns and insisted on being driven to the post office the moment the envelope was sealed. I still don't want to send my mother to a nursing home, but there is no other choice at this point. Friends assure me I'm doing the right thing. I'm slowly accepting that truth. The ball is now in the nursing home's court. They will need to evaluate my mother, and if they agree she's ready for their place, she'll be put on the waiting list, and in the interim, I will continue managing her meds, and hope she doesn't mess them up too badly.

I came home from work to find that I had an empty house all to myself, so after a quick snack, I got down to business. The Tascam is becoming more manageable, in that I'm actually beginning to remember all the steps I need to follow in order to successfully make a master I can transfer to the computer. Once I've got it transferred, I have additional audio software to further enhance things. This one came together very quickly, and I'm probably way prouder of it than I have any right to be, but...

This is all me, folks. I played the two guitar lines, sang the two vocal lines, and drummed on my djembe. I love the heartbeat the drum adds. It seemed especially appropriate for this song to have such a heartbeat.


Dancing Barefoot

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