Friday, April 8, 2011

My Art in Belgium!

OK, it's true, he's wearing it inside-out, but...check out the link!

I actually rather like way this hat looks inside-out, but am very thankful I paid close attention to how carefully the ends were woven in!

Many of you saw me working on this hat...or, rather, on its fraternal twin last winter. (That one was lost in a fire. This is the one I made to replace it. Same yarn, but a different dye lot, so it's not got as much blue in it as the first one.)

Grant, if you happen to peek at this blog...dunno if you do, but on the off chance that you might sometime...

You sure do look beautiful in that colorway. The only problem with still photos is I can't hear you singing, but it's nice to see pictures, anyway. And also nice to see that no matter how far you travel, my Art is keeping you warm.

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