Monday, October 15, 2012

Interior Color Changes

We finally painted over the ugly wood paneling in our front foyer. The color is brighter and golder than I could capture in the photographs, but it sure makes a huge difference!

The bureau belonged to my grandparents aeons ago, and various family members have been urging me to get rid of "that ugly old thing" for years. But you know what? I LIKE that "ugly old thing." It has an unusual shape, and now has a proper "distressed" look about it. It ought to look "distressed." It has been moved to various houses and apartments many times over the years. Steve finds it a handy place to perch whilst spying on the dogs.

And finally, my bedroom. Yes, it really is THAT purple. Now, to find all the knick-knacks and personal kitsch hubby put "in a box someplace," so the room doesn't look quite so bare. Also, need to switch the bureaus around. This one does NOT belong in this corner! Hubby asked to me to consider. Well, I looked, I considered, and I vetoed.

This coming weekend, we will hopefully finish the hallway, which is going to be a dark mossy green color.

Adding color is so exciting, after years of all the walls and trim being either cream-colored, or non-descript wood paneling!

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